Common Denture Problems & How to Resolve Them

Dentures offer an excellent restorative solution for people who’ve lost their teeth. Although dentures have significantly improved over the years, providing a more natural and comfortable fit than in the past, proper care is essential to prevent problems. Sure, denture repair weeki wachee fl is available, but avoiding problems from the start is best.

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Proper mouth care reduces the risk of dentures irritation and problems. Keep your mouth clean and healthy and ensure that your dentures fit properly. Mouth irritation, difficulty eating, trouble speaking, and dentures that move around in the mouth are issues that occur without proper mouth and dentures care.

Visit the dentist if your dentures move around in the mouth and/or if they do not feel secure. Dentures may need to be relined over time as your mouth changes shape and size. The dentist can take care of the problems so you can wear dentures with more confidence.

Speak slowly, especially when you first get dentures. Certain words may be harder to pronounce than others. Practice saying the words and they become easier to say over the course of time. Bite down and swallow in the event your dentures move when you speak or if you say certain words.

Eat soft foods such as eggs, when you are adjusting to new dentures or if they slip. You can also make eating easier by taking smaller bites of foods. Chew your food slowly using both sides of the mouth to prevent dentures from moving. Avoiding sticky foods can also prevent dentures problems.

Denture adhesive helps keep dentures in place when you talk or when eating foods. Movement is the most common problem denture wearer’s experience, but a good adhesive keeps dentures in place and helps secure them when it is most important.