Stop Lying to Yourself: Common Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

If you use drugs even now and again, it is time to get help and make a change. Telling yourself all of the common myths shared amongst many addicts only harbors your great life and masks the trouble that you call life. It is not easy to admit there is a problem but it can be the best decision you ever make.

I’m not an Addict

Admitting that you are a drug addict is not easy but it is an important first step if you want to get clean. So many addicts tell themselves they are not addicted; they can stop any time. They say they don’t need it; which is a mere lie. Let this go and admit when something is wrong.

Once Won’t Hurt Me

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How many times have you said that before? Besides, you used once and looked at where you are now. One time can and will hurt you. Do not excuse yourself to use drugs by saying that it is only once or that one time doesn’t cause a problem.

I Can’t Afford the Costs of a Rehab

There are many ways to cover the costs of rehab to ensure that you get the treatment needed to live a healthy life free from the dangers of drugs. Call your insurance company, take advantage of community resources and learn how to help cover the costs of substance abuse treatment conway sc!

I’m in Good Health

Drug use and good health mix like oil and water. If you use drugs, your health is at stake and cannot possibly be as good as it should. You are impacting your future well-being. You are not going to change so long as you continue to use illicit drugs.